Please Help My Acne!

September 28, 2018

My teenage niece texts me this past weekend: 

“I was wondering if we could talk about me going on birth control for my acne. Can you help me find what kind would be best for that?”

My niece is in high school, and I’m now trying to read through the lines. Does she really just want help with her acne? Are contraceptive needs also being considered?  We chat on the phone and I let her know that there are many ways of going about getting rid of acne, but we need to clarify whether she wants contraceptive coverage at the same time too.

We decide that acne is the only issue at this time, and I tell her that the birth control pill is not the safest, not the most direct, and not the healthiest option if she just wants acne-control.  

In her original message, she was pretty sure she wanted to start on the birth control pill so now she’s a bit shocked and asks, “wait, why is birth control not safe?”

I explain that taking a synthetic (fake) hormone pill orally thickens one’s blood which increases risks for leg clots, heart attacks, and strokes.  Additionally, it is a chemical that the body has never seen and, in turn, has synthetic metabolites (breakdown chemical products) that can imbalance the body and add hard work for the liver. 

I then redirect her thinking by offering to open her mind to yet another option for her acne, and more natural: drink a tea concoction daily to help detoxify the liver.

The next question she has (and it’s a good one): “Does it taste good?” And I say “yes” (to me anyway it does).  (I always tell my patients that ‘if the liver needs a detox it puts acne on our face, because if it put it on our derrière we’d ignore it!’). 

I text my niece the tea recipe (see recipe below) and she’s going to gather the spice ingredients and give it a try.  I also recommended she use non-plastic bottles to carry her tea in  (I use glass). 

This recipe is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy from India made to help treat inflammatory conditions (and remember practically all disease is inflammation). All walks of life can benefit from drinking this tea for disease prevention.

My own story regarding this tea: an Ayurvedic doctor recommended this tea to me, and I told her I’d be her best (compliant) patient. I drank the tea daily for 1 year straight and it took away my menstrual cramps of 30 years. Getting rid of my menstrual cramps was one of the top reasons I wanted to go into Obstetrics & Gynecology training. But all that the decades of schooling ever taught me was to take Advil for my cramps. And I didn’t want to take Advil, and wanted to get rid of my menstrual cramps.  Moreover, the tea stopped my face from breaking out (vanity is a great motivator to do something daily!) 

To this day I still drink this tea for health prevention, but also because my skin likes it, and my menstrual cramps have never returned.  You look at the recipe below and ask, “How can such simple ‘weak’ ingredients do so much?  I tell patients it’s like the turtle that wins the race: Perseverance leads ultimately to Success!

I am hopeful that my niece has the same or even greater success than I had, especially since she is starting much earlier in life to reap these benefits from Nature for her health.  She’s asking questions, and getting help: that makes me feel good.

Tea is the elixir of life.  Lao Tzu

Digestive Tea recipe  

In 4 cups of hot or boiled water, steep the following spices for at least 10 minutes w/ a lid on:

  • 1 teaspoon with equal portions of : Whole cumin seed, whole coriander seed, and whole fennel seed.
  • (For an extra nice flavor, add also: 1-2 cinnamon sticks, few whole cloves, perhaps some raw chopped ginger root pieces).
  • After 10 minutes of steeping, spices can be strained out and tea liquid can be poured into thermos or glass bottle. (Sometimes I just leave spices in the bottle all day for a stronger flavor).

Drink 32 oz  (4 cups) of this tea daily.

Start fresh with a new batch of tea each morning!

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