Quick! What’s your plan for 2019 to get healthy?

December 31, 2018

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2019 is now just around the corner … Do you feel the post-holidays incentive welling up inside of you to get your “health” on again?  Join me this January in the quest for even greater health with a cleanse.  Doing something together like this not only can make us more accountable, but also can make it more fun.

Too much food and drink with these 2018 end-of-the-year festivities?  Have you been a bit out of your routine with regard to diet and exercise?  My poor body awakened one morning after one of these get-togethers with a feeling of “Ugh, that doesn’t feel good…somethin’ has gotta change, and soon!”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – Anonymous

My January 2019 plan for 28 days: 

  1. Drink celery juice upon awakening (approx. 16oz. organic whenever possible). If you need a substitute, other options include 16 oz. cucumber juice, or lemon/lime water (1 lemon or lime in 16oz water).  See www.celeryjuice.com.
  2. Then wait 30-60 minutes before eating/drinking things for breakfast.  Don’t wait too long to take in breakfast though because your initial AM juice is NOT meant to be breakfast!
  3. Take in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices (except salt), and honeys. Do it all raw – fresh. frozen, juiced, freeze-dried, dehydrated if possible, or opt to include cooked veggies too.
  4. Take in 64oz. fluids daily [preferably herbal teas, water, coconut water / coconut milk  (with no added sugar)].  See image insert below of Trader Joe’s canned coconut milk.  Tea is allowed even though tea water is usually initially hot to release the medicinal benefits of the herbs involved; so, this is a temperature exception to the usual raw diet allowing only 110 F or lower food and drink.  See the Chaga Latte recipes, a substitute for Chai Tea Latte.
  5. Things to avoid: grains (pasta, oatmeal, bread, granola), artificial sweeteners, nuts/seeds, beans, oils, salts, fermented foods/drinks/vinegars, animal products.
  6. Ok to continue essential medications and supplements.

Note: Veggie soups are still possible(!) even if you are sticking to raw foods above. But not made in the usual way (on the stove) which can denature the vegetable enzymes as soon as the heat rises above 110F. Soup can be made in a blender, such as a Vitamix, with the soup getting its heat from the blender blades rotating so quickly, yet not above 110F. See www.vitamix.com for recipes–search for the following:  Cream of Potato, Apple Acorn Squash, Curried Apple, Curried Carrot, Zucchini Asparagus and Pea, and Creamy Carrot Ginger.  Please substitute cleaner ingredients when needed, such as coconut milk instead of regular or soy milk and vegetable broth instead of chicken or beef broth.

So the above ideas can be great to chat about, but to implement can be a whole other story.  Food & drink prep ahead of time (example: during the weekends) is always a plus.  Shopping with a list of great fruit and vegetable options is a good start (for example, Trader Joe’s has great freeze-dried and dried fruits without added sugars or preservatives).  Having tasty items at home, handy at all times will be key.  For example, I was doing a “fruit-only” day not too long ago, but was running out the door for an appointment, and hadn’t had breakfast yet –> grabbed a few dates and a coconut water can, and flew out the door, knowing I wouldn’t starve.  

January is probably the best time of year to do a cleanse like this for just one reason: society is expecting it and won’t look at you cross-eyed if you mention you’re on one.  If you get invited to a lunch, and you order the salad without the dressing, your friends might inquire: “What’s up?”.  Or you get invited to your neighbor’s home and they offer you cookies and you have to either save them for later or let them know that you are currently on a cleanse and aren’t allowed to indulge at the moment.  Often, these encounters may become “educational moments” if you so choose as your friends and neighbors ask: what cleanse you’re on, why you are doing it, for how long, and what can you eat or drink?

But most importantly, even if you start a cleanse, will you be able to stick with it?  Next trick, get an intention.  You need more of an intention than “I’m doing it for my health” oftentimes. I find that doing it in the name of someone or something else, other than me, really helps.  It’s like when a woman becomes pregnant and then decides to stop an unhealthful habit, like smoking, something she couldn’t do as easily when she was non-pregnant.  Intentions can be things like for: Earth / environmental issues, animal rights, and people/situations in your family, in the news, at your work, etc. that are less fortunate and are suffering, or even for the souls that have already departed.  You never have to reveal your intention to anyone, but you need to choose it ahead of time and have it readily available in your mind when temptation begins to lure you away from your regimen.  It gives you that extra strength and courage to “stay calm, and carry on”.

Now on an even more positive note, upon engaging on a 28 day cleanse, you’re likely going to start noticing subtle bodily changes for the better: a twinkling in your eye, rosier cheeks, silkier hair, slimmer figure, less bloating, fewer headaches, smoother skin.  As soon as you think you notice something, or others say they notice something different, give your body a “thank  you!” right away, instead of the common dismissive statements we tell ourselves such as: “it must be an illusion” or “I must be imagining it”. Be vigilant and enjoy!

In the end, the goals of such an endeavor include: 

  1. Cleansing our body, especially our liver
  2. Feeling better, because we are cleaner from toxins
  3. Getting rid of less healthful food (examples: wheat, corn, soy, animal products) and drink (alcohol, caffeine) habits from our lives
  4. Finding out which fruits and veggies you like but never knew existed until you were forced to explore your options more

Lastly, the two words in 2018 that resonated with me the most were: “gamechanger” and “lifechanging”. In 2019, the word of the year will be “rejuvenate”.  Join me in this quest for fountains of youth through lifestyle changes, starting with what we take into our bodies on a daily basis.

Raise up that celery juice glass and toast a welcome to a gorgeous 2019!

“Medical Medium” and “Liver Rescue” books by Anthony William

(Please consult your physician to make sure that you are able to follow such a regimen in your current condition.)

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    Yvonne L.

    I found the article very interesting.

    It sounds like Dr. Zaid is getting back to basics so she would absolutely love life on the farm as I experienced it when young in New Zealand.

    I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, I have never tasted either, I’ve tried tea but apart from occasional apple juice, I drink water. And I’ve never smoked.

    On the farm we grew vegetables, had massive orchards, had poultry, sheep, bees. And bought only salt, flour, sugar etc. and of course petrol.

    I notice the different taste of supermarket produce and I don’t like all the sprays which are difficult to avoid. Avoid preservatives, flavour enhancers etc
    I spend an age reading labels!

    We can do our best. But it’s an education what some shoppers put in their trolley.

    Yvonne (Auckland, NZ)

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